Canada's NDP


June 3rd, 2024

Canadians are one step closer to getting free birth control and diabetes medication

OTTAWA—On Monday, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh stood with labour leaders ahead of legislation to deliver free birth control and diabetes medication passing through the House of Commons.

Despite Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives voting against it, New Democrats forced the government to deliver free birth control to 9 million Canadians and free diabetes medications for 3.7 million Canadians as the first step in a national single-payer pharmacare framework.

“I have met Canadians across the country who have told me what free diabetes drugs will mean for their families: people who have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars over their adult lives to treat their Type One diabetes; parents who can breathe a little easier knowing that their little girl will never have to worry about paying for her insulin or monitoring devices. I’ve met women who tell me free birth control gives them more money back in their pockets and more choices about their health,” said Singh. “After decades of broken Liberal promises, the NDP used our power to get it done and now millions of Canadians are closer to getting the life-changing medication they deserve.

“Shamefully, Pierre Poilievre tried to block free birth control and free diabetes medications for Canadians. He’s dismissing the impact that these free medications will have for millions of people because his priority is protecting the profits of his buddies in Big Pharma and insurance companies who don’t want free medications for you and your family.”

In the months leading up to Monday’s vote to pass the Pharmacare Act, Poilievre’s Conservatives have used multiple tactics to prevent Canadians from getting free medications. Poilievre has even told diabetic Canadians that they shouldn’t get free diabetes medications—even though he has had drug coverage, paid for by the public, throughout his whole career.

“Pierre Poilievre doesn’t care if you can afford your prescription medication,” said Singh. “He’s comfortable looking diabetic Canadians in the eye and telling them he’ll take away the free medication and devices that they need. He has no problem telling women that they shouldn’t have control over their own reproductive health by denying them free birth control. He tried to get in the way, but New Democrats fought back.”